Finding cheap auto insurance is hard for high risk drivers. As you probably know, insurers charge high risk drivers higher premiums. Finding cheap car insurance can be a challenging but not infeasible.
High risk drivers – Who are they really?

Auto insurance companies use a number of factors to determine if a driver belongs to a high risk group. Age, driving record and credit score are the most important ones.
New drivers – insurance experts say that in a huge percentage of all accidents, young drivers are at fault. Considering such claims, insurance companies have no option but to put teenage drivers in the high risk group. For teenage boys driving fast cars, insurance rates are particularly high.
Drivers over 55 – 65 year is usually the age at which society accepts people as seniors. Some people suggest, that senior citizens rarely drive sports cars and have a lot of experience. Yet, statistics reveal that older drivers are often involved in accidents.
Drivers with bad driving history – driving history still plays a very important role when insurance rates are calculated. If you have been caught driving without insurance, driving under the influence of alcohol, have a number of traffic violations or you have caused an accident, you should fully expect to pay more. In some cases, as part of your insurance policy, you may have to file SR22 or FR44 form.
Poor credit score – a lot of people think that its unfair for insurance companies to use credit score when determining car insurance premiums. Fact is that in recent years credit rating has become a major factor as far as insurance companies are concerned. People who pay their bills on time are seen as less of a risk.
Cheaper auto insurance for high risk drivers
Many people ask themselves if it is at all feasible to find inexpensive auto insurance for high risk drivers.
Keeping a good driving record is the first thing you should be concerned about, especially if you are a young driver. Maintaining good grades at school or college can lower your premiums.
Obeying the law is extremely important. Its common sense to avoid drink driving and to carry at least the minimum insurance coverage required in your state. Letting your insurance lapse, when required to carry SR22, is a really bad idea – your license will be suspended.
You will pay less for your auto insurance if you drive a car with more safety features, which is considered as “insurance friendly”.
For senior drivers, as well as inexperienced ones, taking a defence driving class is a great idea.
Comparing quotes online is probably the easiest possible way for high risk drivers to find inexpensive auto insurance.

Getting quotes from at least 3 insurance companies is what insurance experts recommend. You will be astonished by the difference in rates offered by different insurance companies.
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