Apartment building insurance dissents from standard home policies in that not only will you have to put a policy on the building and all of its essential elements but also you must be protected against any liabilities from the tenants who will be letting it.

Tenant Liabilities
The liability policy would naturally include insurance to cover any immediate costs incurred from someone being injured, (hospital bills etc. )#) but as well as any legal fees that can be incurred from litigating any harms or injuries that might occur on the premises.
Fixing the Apartment Building
Another aspect of apartment building insurance to consider is maintenance and restorations. This would include such particulars as plumbery and air conditioning systems, as well as the roofing system on the apartment building.
Local Health and Building Codes
1 more facet of apartment building insurance that should be thought about is a policy that will insure a building’s compliance with local building and health laws. This type of policy would cover any existing conditions but also any circumstances that might come up due to any shifts that may occur to local laws after the building is built or purchased.
Lost Revenue Apartment Building Insurance
Apartment building insurance can also be bought that will cover any loss of income on any of the units in the apartment building. For example, if a apartment in the building is broken and requires extensive repairs, this type of insurance policy would make up for the missing rent on the unit while the job is being done.
Curious About Broken Windows?

As a rule of thumb, plate glass is barred from most apartment building insurance policies and must be purchased individually. Some people decide to buy it while others tend to do without it. The reasons are simple and that is that most instances of broken windowpanes can be dealt with out of a tenants deposit.