Are you planning for a career change and studying all the options to start a career as an insurance agent? One thing is sure that it is much easier to get into this business than survive in it. The insurance business is always competitive and testing. Yet, it is your choice. If you like to accept a job that will provide you challenge everyday then this business is for you.

When I was a fresher in the insurance industry, one official of my company told me, €If you can sell insurance, you could sell almost everything. € If you ask me, now after a long year in this profession I agree with him. Unlike other product marketing businesses where you could show the product you want to sell, in the insurance marketing job you have to sell a projected future return to your client. Here you could not show him the future at least. However, one thing you could increase in your line of attack is confidence. A confident approach always works for an insurance agent.
The second and more complicated issue you will face in the field is customer leads. You may be a little late to join the business. There are other insurance agents before you who have done the business from your proposed clients or a few of them may be still waiting for you. But if you really want to stay in the insurance marketing business, you have to expand your business area from your home town to the area outside. You can use online yellow pages, internet insurance leads through existing insurance websites, or can market your agency online.
But the best option is to get an online presence through publishing a website of your agency. In today’s market it is incompetent not to have your personal insurance agency website. You will see the difference on your prospective client list if you have a well designed and search engine optimized agency website. Don’t think a website is only for the advertisement of big companies like your insurance company. If you search on the internet you will find many private agency web sites that really get a huge benefit through online inquiry. Your Insurance marketing will get a new dimension through your personalized insurance website.
The third problem you may face in the market is customer faith. As insurance agency is mainly a commission based job. Many agents tend to sell only those policies that fetch them higher payment. This attitude of some insurance agency always creates a negative impression amongst the customers about this profession. They scare to keep faith on your promises as they give you their hard earned money. Treat them as a friend and be familiar with them. Join them in your specially organized functions and try to make them comfortable

You may choose to be an independent insurance agent or a captive agent of any particular insurance company. But for the success of your insurance marketing you have to be positive, decent, honest and flexible.