Getting a motor insurance is extremely beneficial not only because it is legally mandatory but because it covers your vehicle from a variety of risks. Firstly, travelling on the road is fraught with dangers which can cause harm to your person. Paying for accidents or damages from your own pocket can be financially unsettling.


The Personal Accident Cover under the motor insurance provides a compensation on accident to the owner-cum-driver. In case the insured is inflicted with a disability like the loss of an eye, limb, both limbs, or meets with an accident that eventually leads to his death, this cover comes handy.
Another cover provided by the motor insurance, is that of Third Party Liability. Under this cover, the damage to property or the loss of life, disability inflicted by you accidentally on a third person while on the road is compensated. With the amount of compensation in case of a disability decided by the Motor Tribunal Act.
In times we live in, threats like natural calamities are on the rise. Devastating earthquakes and tsunamis in the recent years are proof of the increasing frequency of natural calamities. Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, hails, landslide, rockslide can inflict severe damages to your motor vehicle. It is here that a motor insurance comes to the rescue providing the insured partial and full compensation, saving him a lot of financial stress.
Equally destructive are man-made calamities like terrorist activities, burglary, housebreaking, theft, riot, strikes, malicious damage. To financally secure your car against both man-made and natural risks, you can opt for the Own Damage cover in a motor insurance. When a buyer opts for a motor policy inclusive of Own Damage the policy is known as a comprehensive motor insurance policy.
Motor insurance [] policies in India come with additional covers like the Engine Protector which provides for damage to the engine parts against water ingression or leakage of lubrication. Such covers are good for vehicle owners who live in an extremely rainy or flood prone area (a situation ubiquitous in India); whose engines are frequently exposed to threat. Other add-ons include co-passenger cover wherein you can insure your co-passengers to the extent of the seating capacity of your vehicle. The Zero-Depreciation Shield is another add-on if purchased saves the buyer from paying the depreciation rate on the damaged or repaired parts of the vehicle.
If you are a safe driver, your motor insurance provides for monetary benefits on your premium. The No Claim Bonus is one such benefit wherein the customer gets a stipulated discount on his premium for every year without a claim. The customer can keep on acumulating this benefit and thus stand to get a discount of upto 50% or more on his premium.

There are thus many benefits of buying a motor insurance in India.